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Company profile

Dongguan City DeHan Tools Co. ,LTD was founded in 2007 and headquartered in Dongguan Changan, the factory specializing in the production and processing deep hole drilling and deep hole drilling and re-welding, deep hole drilling machines and sales of various types of imported products gun drill, Germany Arbor, various types of imported and carbide rod, lug, solder and the like.Tak Korea Tool introducing foreign advanced technology, has an excellence, unremitting innovation team. Years focused on deep hole cutting tool research and development production, the factory has a complete and scientific quality management system and have many deep hole drilling external processing, for customers to solve a variety of difficult artifacts. The company spirit of "sincere trust, service first, quality first, quality supremacy" business philosophy, to provide users with economical and reasonable gun drilling and deep refueling program! Products with good quality have been widely recognized by the industry, welcomed all the friends come to visit, guidance and business negotiation.

Scope of business

  • First, the manufacture of various types of gun drill, using the German import cutter head, size can be customized (specifications: 3- Phi Phi 40).
    Two, provide a gun drill two times the weight welding project, the short supply cycle of economic benefits.
    Three, sales of all kinds of foreign imports of gun drill, the German knife, all kinds of imported cutting tools and hard alloy bar, solder, flux, etc..
    Four, the production of various types of deep hole drilling machine with the guide sleeve, a variety of rubber sleeve, all kinds of fixture, CNC deep hole drilling, cutting oil, points, etc..

Service tenet


  • Quality - our products continue to pursue higher quality, any details are the pursuit of perfection, just to provide you with the best products.
    Provide professional consulting and project -- for you the most professional, the most professional team tailor-made for you.
    Efficiency - in the acceptance of your order from the beginning of the design, production and delivery, are strict requirements on time to complete, in the after-sales service to perfection.
  • 0769-89784010 / 85425168
  • 2015 Dongguan City,DeHan tools com.,LTD (ICP: 15073714 No.)
  • Dongguan city Changan Town Road No. 4 Wusha Cai Wu Chun (Loushanguan Industrial Zone)

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    Guangdong Jieyitong Electronic Commerce Co.,Ltd
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