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Deep hole with a gun or hard alloy hole drilling more cost-effective?

Gun drill used for high-speed steel or hard alloy manufacture. Deep hole drilling can be based on the size of the size, the use of welding or mechanical clamping of the structure of the hard alloy blade. Deep hole drilling on the guide block guide and centering, reduce vibration drilling deflection and cutting. The arrangement of the cutter teeth and the guide block of the deep hole drilling is mainly about the balance of the radial force between the chip and cutting. Knife body and drill pipe can be welded or threaded connection.
The deep hole drilling is divided into two types, the external chip and the inner chip. Outside chip discharge a gun drilling, deep hole flat drill and drill etc.; inner row chip due to the use of processing system, points of BTA Deep hole drilling, jet drilling and DF deep hole drilling three.
1, jet drill: a multi edge BTA Deep hole drilling, there are two layers of drill pipe, most of the cutting fluid from inside and outside of a drill pipe gap in into the cutting area and together with the chip into the inner tube; another a small part of the cutting fluid is via the inner tube into the crescent hole at the tail end of the inner tube, production injection effect, forming low pressure area help suction chip. Jet drilling does not require strict cutting fluid sealing device, suitable for drilling 18 mm in diameter, Kong Shen and the aperture ratio is less than 100 of the deep hole.
2, DF deep hole drilling: this bit absorbed BTA Deep hole drill and drill has the advantages of injection, using a single, chip on the pressure and suction dual role, improve the ability of chip, can cut aperture in 8 mm above the deep hole drilling.
3, the gun drill: only one cutting part, first used in processing the barrel. Cutting fluid from the middle of the drill pipe into the hole, through the hole in the head of the drill hole jet to the cutting area, and then with the chip from the drill hole in the V shaped groove. Gun drill is suitable for processing the aperture of 2 ~ 20 mm, Kong Shen and the aperture ratio is greater than 100.
4, BTA deep hole drilling: cutting fluid from the drill rod and the hole wall of the gap is sent, by cutting fluid pressure will be cut from the drill hole in the hole. BTA deep hole drilling is suitable for drilling hole diameter of 6 mm or more, the hole depth and hole diameter of the hole, the production efficiency is more than 3 times higher than the gun.

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